One on One Mentoring

Have you been struggling with your options trading? Making money on swing trades and looking for ways to improve your risk/reward profile? Have a fundamental bias but don’t know how best to structure your trade? Or are you simply looking for a few pointers on the nuances of option trading and improving your trading results?

You’ve likely seen Wall Street professionals talk about the amount of money you can make trading options. If you’re not using options, you are ignoring one of the greatest tools in the financial markets for improving your performance!

With more than a decade of experience trading options and teaching traders of every level from beginners to hedge fund managers how to trade options better, Keith Harwood is now available for 1-on-1 mentoring sessions with traders looking for help with their options trading.

Contact me via e-mail at or call me at 1-312-600-8004 for more information including pricing and special discounts for multiple hour mentoring packages!

“Unbelievable mentorship. For me, it was so difficult to combine chart patterns and volatility with the right option strategy. Thanks to you and your knowledge of technical setups and option tradings, now I can. You have taken my option trading to the next level. This was money well spent. Thank you.” Trevor, NYC