Professional Photo of Keith Harwood

Keith Harwood

Keith Harwood is the Founder of Trade Academy. Keith has developed his knowledge of the Options Markets over the past 12 years through trading and building portfolios in Equity Options, Fixed Income Options, and Commodity Options. Keith has traded options as a Volatility Portfolio Manager and constructed directional Options Portfolios for a Hedge Fund.

Keith started his career as an Options Market Maker on the CBOE floor. After spending over a year in an intensive training program that built Keith’s foundational understanding of options, market making, and trading technologies, Keith began his trading career on the CBOE floor where he was able to utilize and expand upon his knowledge of volatility arbitrage, options trading, and risk management. Over the years that followed, Keith grew his portfolio to trade as an options market maker on the CBOE, PHLX, ISE, and PCX. Due to his strong understanding of the foundational elements of options trading, Keith was instrumental in teaching options training courses for the firm.

Keith felt that equity options market making provided a great foundation for his career, but wanted to expand his background from options market making to trading with a bias toward building options positions with favorable risk/reward profiles in a proprietary trading environment. He then utilized this approach initially to build options portfolios in European Fixed Income products on the Eurex exchange. Seeing a greater opportunity in precious metals as Quantitative Easing began, Keith then built up a highly profitable Gold and Silver options portfolio, building positions in both options on futures and on the increasingly popular ETFs. Throughout his time building these options portfolios, Keith continued to train co-workers on options theory and portfolio construction.

Leveraging this background, Keith then completed his MBA with Honors from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and joined a Commodity Trading Advisor. There, Keith worked with the head trader and fundamental analysts to improve the fund’s portfolio construction and risk management processes. This included extensive instruction to employees of all levels on options strategy, trade implementation, risk management, and performance analysis.

Keith’s experience has helped him build a mastery of volatility trading and options-based strategies for directional trades. Now, Keith is sharing his experiences and ideas in order to help others learn how to trade smarter.